Future of High Impact Philanthropy

Wed 8th Feb 2017

A new perspective on the future of high impact philanthropy - one of our key areas of focus for this year.

Future Risk

Sat 4th Feb 2017

Future Risk: What are the key emerging global and corporate risks? Here is a view from multiple expert discussions #future #risk

Future of Cities

Wed 1st Feb 2017

New summary of latest insights gained from multiple discussions on future of cities Views for sharing / feedback

Innovating the Future: Our Top 10 Opportunity Areas for Innovation

Wed 16th Nov 2016

Topics seen by informed people around the world as most significant innovation opportunities for the next decade

A Future Agenda Update – One Year On

Thu 3rd Nov 2016

As we reach the first anniversary of the completion of the 2015 Future Agenda research programme, we thought it would be useful to provide an update on how our findings are being put to practical use to shape strategy for the next decade.

Smart Mobility – Connecting Everyone

Mon 31st Oct 2016

We are very pleased to have contributed a chapter to a new book Smart Mobility – Connecting Everyone which has been led and edited by Barbara Flügge at SAP

New Future Agenda Book Now Published

Thu 20th Oct 2016

We are delighted to announce that the latest book from the Future Agenda programme has just been published and is now widely available.

Three business innovations for UAE

Mon 3rd Oct 2016

Following his recent appearance at the Global Innovation Summit in Dubai, Dr. Tim Jones, the programme director of Future Agenda, the world’s largest open foresight initiative, highlights the trends ripe for innovation.

Future of Surgery Insights

Fri 19th Aug 2016

Having recently completed deeper research into the changes on the horizon for surgery, we are now sharing more detail of the views gained so that others can add further comments.

Future of Currency

Thu 21st Jul 2016

A synthesis of insights gained from last years discussions around currency, data, privacy, trade, loyalty and the associated future shifts across finance, government, technology and society.

Six Key Challenges for the Next Decade

Fri 27th May 2016

Six Key Challenges for the Next Decade has recut the core views of the shifts taking place over the next ten years into six groups and added extra commentary and insight

Future of Cities - 2016 Programme

Fri 20th May 2016

Given the urbanization macro trend, the growing importance of cities over countries and the challenges of developing livable, sustainable urban environments, we are looking at this topic in more depth.

The Future of Automotive Data and its Potential Value

Thu 19th May 2016

A new initial view that brings together a number of different perspectives on the potential future of automotive data, the varied sources potential shifts within the sector as well as adjacent trends on data and connectivity.

The World in 2025

Fri 8th Apr 2016

What are the big issues for next decade? The World in 2025 shares all the insights from the Future Agenda programme.

The Future of Trade – DMCC

Wed 24th Feb 2016

How the digitisation of trade around the world will unlock future opportunity and change the global flow of goods, talent and finance while considering the impact on supply chain efficiency and international regulation.

Singapore workshop @ SMU

Sun 14th Feb 2016

In two weeks time we will be running another workshop at Singapore Management University. Following the success of a similar event in November, we are repeating the format but with some additional fresh insights from the new Future Agenda website.

Insight Previews

Sat 13th Feb 2016

As we move towards the launch of the new future agenda website, we are sharing some of the 1000 word summaries of all of the key cross topic / regional insights to have come out of last year’s 120 workshops.

Future of Surgery

Tue 9th Feb 2016

Building on insights from last year’s multiple discussions on the future of health, we have a special event taking place in Frankfurt on March 8th – looking at the future of surgery.

Disruption by Degrees – The Future of Higher Education

Tue 19th Jan 2016

The first of several Future Agenda articles has just been published in Vision Magazine in Dubai. Focused on how we may need teach students to be ready for the modern world, it is the front piece for a whole section on the future of education.

Future of Health

Fri 15th Jan 2016

Last night our UK hosts for the Future of Health discussions very kindly held another event in London. Strategic North and the partners, Raise the Bar, had an evening reception where we shared some of the key insights from the Future of Health.

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