10 Questions Future of Autonomous Vehicles

Wednesday 22nd August 2018

Ahead of our forthcoming emerging AV landscape project we have been talking to leading experts to identify some of the key unanswered issues.

10 Questions Future of Autonomous Vehicles

Here are the top 10 questions from discussions to date.

1. Where will be the key hot-spots for AV development and deployment?

2. What sociopolitical forces may accelerate the adoption of full level 5 automation?

3. What level of safety (crashes) is acceptable for the full launch of AV in the next decade?

4. Will AV increase or decrease total traffic flow and congestion?

5. Will automated mobility services replace, reduce or extend the reach of public transport?

6. Of all the tech in the mix, which are in greatest need of further development before the benefits of AV can be realised?

7. What are the distinct benefits from AV that are not already coming from more connectivity and on-board safety systems?

8. How important will international standards and commonly shared technologies be for AV adoption - or will it be more regional?

9. Which will be the pivotal organisations, cities and governments that control adoption rates?

10. Who will customers trust more to deliver a safe, reliable and comfortable AV experience?

Your view? Let us know of other significant issues you think will have impact and we can include them in the initial perspective that will kick this project off next month.

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