Future Value of Data – Programme Schedule

Friday 9th February 2018

We are pleased to confirm the schedule for this major project

Future Value of Data – Programme Schedule

Having announced the Future Value of Data as a major Future Agenda programme for 2018 and completed the first event in India, we are very pleased that the overall global schedule is now clear. The first workshop was held in Bengaluru in January and was undertaken in partnership with Facebook and Carnegie India. It brought together a wonderful combination of informed expertise for the day. Covering a wide range of issues, key areas of focus included the social value of data, trust, increasing moves toward data sovereignty, the impact of machine learning and AI, as well as responses to privacy issues.

With the support of a great mix of forward looking organisations, companies, governments and business schools, we have confirmed on several key dates and a number of additional options now in the diary. 

We have run further events with a focus on different regions over the following months:


In April, we were in Asia for workshops in Tokyo (24th) and Singapore (27th) and then in May in Jakarta (17th) and Bangkok (23rd). An initial Discussion took place in Shanghai on 5th July and we ran additional events in September in Hong Kong and Manila on in September (20th and 24th)


The Syndey event was on May 21st hosted by TAL

Middle East:

The Dubai workshop in Dubai took place on April 30th hosted by DMCC. 


Bangalore was the kick off event in January.


We ran workshops across several key cities in Europe throughout the progremme. Madrid took place in February. Copenhagen was on  August 28th and the workshop in London took place on Sept 13th. Frankfurt is on 8th November with Brussels following on as the final event of the programme.


Events in South Africa took place in May (17th and 21st) and Senegal and Côte d'Ivoire events were in late June (Senegal on 27th, 28th and Côte d'Ivoire 29th and 30th). A workshop in Kenya took place on 4th July and then Nigeria events were the following week - 10th July in Lagos and 13th July in Abuja.

South America:

Worshops are taking place in Sao Paulo, Bogota and Mexico City in the first week on November.

North America:

A series of events are taking place across the US in late October / November. San Francisco is on 30th October, DC is on 2nd November and we have a Toronto event in partnership with York University on November 6th.

If you would like to be involved in any of these events either as a participant or as a co-host, do please let us know and we will follow up with more details.

The Value of Data is an extremely important topic that is clearly in need of richer dialogue and clarity. We are very pleased to have this as a core focus for 2018 and very much look forward to discussing and sharing the different views of how it may evolve as we move forward.

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