Six Key Challenges for the Next Decade

Friday 27th May 2016

Six Key Challenges for the Next Decade has recut the core views of the shifts taking place over the next ten years into six groups and added extra commentary and insight

Six Key Challenges for the Next Decade

After completing the initial synthesis of all the insights from last year’s 120 Future Agenda events we shared what we had heard. Both on the core website and as a download on slideshare, The World in 2025 is a playback of what the core team learned from discussions with thousands of informed people around the world.

We have now added in to the mix our perspective of what we think about what we have heard. So this is less of a neutral view and one that hopefully helps provide more focus on some of the ways forward. We are very pleased that this is being published by Profile Books and is now available for pre-order

Entitled Six Key Challenges for the Next Decade, this has recut the core views of the shifts taking place over the next ten years into six groups and added extra commentary and insight. The six groups are future people, place, power, belief, behavior and business - and each of these are focused around addressing a core challenge:

Future People

With an increasingly unequal and ageing population in many countries, how will we generate the wealth to fairly rebalance society and afford better care provision?

Future Place

As the shift to urban living puts pressure on the infrastructure, how do we create lasting cities that deliver better quality of life and also support rural communities?

Future Power

With Western governments ceding influence to cities and networks at the same time as Asia and Africa assert greater authority, how will global leadership be defined?

Future Belief

In a world of changing priorities and shifting loyalties, who and what will set the values and norms by which we choose to live our lives to greater benefit?

Future Behaviour

As more of us recognise the core issues and constraints for the future, how do we adopt more efficient attitudes and change our behaviour to protect what matters?

Future Business

By 2025, organisations driven solely by profit will not be sustainable. How will they evolve to address new challenges, develop opportunities and contribute to society?

The Future Agenda programme is all about collaboration so it seems strange to have only a couple names on the front cover of this book.  We have been highly dependent on the wisdom of others to shape this story, most importantly that of the core team. Nothing at all would have happened without their extraordinary efforts. Patrick Harris, James Alexander, Ali Draycott, Robin Pharoah, Marlene Han, Charlie Curson, Lisa McDowell, Alka Puri and Anupam Yog: We learned from and leaned on you all and are in your debt. Beyond the core team, there were many others who also gave generously of their time; Don Abraham, Chris Carbone, Nicky Chambers, David Coates, Shalaja Sharma, Cornelia Daheim, Roger Dennis, Rima Gupta, Katie Hodgson, Stephen Johnston, Dave McCormick, Bhupendra Sharma, Hamsini Shivakumar and Neal Stone – a huge, huge thank you.

Very little would have happened without the expertise and bravery of those who kindly wrote an initial perspective on each subject we covered. You set high standards for the subsequent conversations that took place in as many corners of the globe as we could muster. The workshops themselves were full of informed and knowledgeable people prepared to give freely of their time and experience. These enriched and enlivened our thoughts and brought colour to our ideas. And of course none of the above would have been possible without our hosts, too numerous to mention but whose support was fundamental to the whole programme. Thanks indeed.

Over the next couple of months we will be sharing more views from this book via varied workshops and talks with the first one taking place next week in Beirut on 3 June. We hope that you find the views and insights useful and that they can help anyone concerned with creating a sustainable future for us all.

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