Smart Mobility – Connecting Everyone

Monday 31st October 2016

We are very pleased to have contributed a chapter to a new book Smart Mobility – Connecting Everyone which has been led and edited by Barbara Flügge at SAP

Smart Mobility – Connecting Everyone

There is a Chinese proverb “if you want to be rich, you must first build roads.” Car-based systems have brought much accessibility, connectivity and convenience but at the cost of introducing noise, pollution, high land-use needs, urban sprawl, urban decay and, in some high-use areas, increased social isolation. Given the growth of alternative transport options, private cars are an increasingly inefficient way to travel. So perhaps roads may not make us rich for much longer?

Published by Springer, this new book, Smart Mobility – Connecting Everyone, presents a comprehensive overview of various aspects of mobility and transportation to be smart and seamless. It provides basic principles and trends of smart mobility as well as international examples. The topic of this work is especially interesting as the future of human centered and business triggered ecosystems is increasingly dependent on the coordination capabilities of all participating and influencing members to manage transportation needs. Even more the fulfillment of the right to mobility for individual and cargo related mobility asks for mobility enablement in a predictive, digital and intermodal manner. Therefore, Smart Mobility is useful not only for decision makers in several positions but also for people who are interested in trends of transportation and mobility. The project has been led by Barbara Flügge at SAP who also edited all the text so may thnaks to her.

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