The Future of Automotive Data and its Potential Value

Thursday 19th May 2016

A new initial view that brings together a number of different perspectives on the potential future of automotive data

The Future of Automotive Data and its Potential Value

In June 2015, as part of the core Future Agenda programme, we ran a dedicated workshop in Munich on the future of the connected vehicle, the stimulus for which can be found on our slideshare site while the outputs of the discussion are on Flickr. With the connected car vision fast growing in impact and reach, many are highlighting what new data sources may be available in the future and how these may provide benefit to drivers, manufacturers and support services. As such we are now taking a deeper look at this, what is possible, what is probable and where value may be created, delivered and shared.

Building on last year’s views and additional recent discussions, this is therefore a new initial view that brings together a number of different perspectives on the potential future of automotive data, the varied sources potential shifts within the sector as well as adjacent trends on data and connectivity. Over the next few weeks we are asking for feedback and opinion from around the world on which of these shifts are most likely to occur, where greatest value lies and what may be missing from this view. We will then update the initial view and share back with all.

To understand the opportunities and options we are looking at information that is increasingly accessible across four core areas

Vehicle Data - There is a vast array of information becoming available from vehicles themselves. With the inclusion of multiple sensors and onboard control units, the ability to have near total vehicle real-time analysis is becoming a reality.

Engine Data - Within the engine bay, integrated sensors are enabling car manufacturers, dealers, workshops and drivers to have far greater insight on engine condition, performance and need for attention.

Environmental Data - As a vehicle moves down the road, there is also a host of ambient information that can be collected and shared about the environment within which the vehicle is passing and interacting. 

Driver Data - And, within the car, sensors can increasingly track multiple sources of information about the driver, his / her alertness and driving behaviour as well as connectivity and media consumption.

As many organisations are rushing to grab as much data as possible, many hoping to extract value from the associated insights, we hope that this discussion will help clarify the reality from the hype, prioritise the propositions that will truly have benefit and so enable more focused activities. This is an area where collaboration, data sharing and competitor cooperation is clearly critical and, as a lead arena for digital transformation, we hope that the associated insights that emerge will be of interest to many.

If you have any comments, views or feedback on this, do let us know and we will include it in the final version that will be shared in a few weeks time.

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