Six Capital

Six Capital

Six Capital is a pioneering fin-tech company focused on leveraging the potential of the currency markets. Six Capital’s vision is ‘to create the future of jobs’, producing lasting, positive impact on economies and society through its services and operations.

Six Capital’s business model seamlessly combines advanced FX training with FX trading. For aspiring traders, the company runs courses in FX trading, using a unique methodology to empower precise, reliable trading. For investors and wealth managers, it offers a new generation of financial products, founded on dependable data.

From just 100 seats in 2013, Six Capital today has a total of 1,000 seats in dealing rooms across Singapore, India, China and Indonesia. Partnerships with China Centre for Financial Training (CCFT), the training arm of the People’s Bank of China, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN), Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), and the Chartered Bankers Institute, UK, all demonstrate Six Capital’s commitment to delivering positive change around the world.

Six Capital hosted the global Future of Currency discussions.

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