Australia and NZ Views on Autonomous Vehicles

Generated on 10th April 2019

Following an excellent kick off workshop with LA Metro and experts from across South California and beyond, we are delighted to announce the details of some upcoming events exploring the future of autonomous vehicles in Australia and New Zealand. Building on the US insights plus others from events across Europe in May, we have two workshops in Wellington and Melbourne taking place on the 11th and 13th June. The New Zealand event is being jointly hosted by ADVI and NZTA while the Australia discussion is hosted by Transurban.

The Future of Autonomous Vehicles project brings together multiple expert views around the world to better clarify how, where and when new technologies will be deployed under what conditions and supported by which regulations. Adding in the views from these two countries increasingly seen by many to be at the forefront of potential AV adoption is a great addition to this major global programme. We are delighted to be partnering with ADVI, NZTA and Transurban in bringing together a unique mix of leaders from across industry, research and government to challenge assumptions and define the probable way forward for this major transition