From deep consumer and user research to large-scale surveys and cross-cultural analysis, we draw on the  expertise of the Future Agenda team and network to create bespoke research programmes for clients.

We specialise in combining research methods, and synthesising different sources of insight and evidence, to provide multiple perspectives on questions, problems and challenges.

The Future of Surgery


We are truly agnostic when it comes to identifying the best sources of insight for a project or client. That is why we rarely rely on a single method or data source. We often seek to combine qualitative and quantitative methods, and primary and secondary data sources in order to gather the evidence and the insights required to address high level strategic goals.

We are also recognised for our unique research frames that are specifically designed to synthesise different kinds of insight and point them toward organisational goals. Our award-winning, anthropologist-informed, 'open ethnography and semiotics' model, for example, was developed specifically to confront institutionalised assumptions, and inspire new ways of thinking about business or organisational challenges. It is a particularly powerful tool for our clients, stakeholders and partners going through processes of transformation, innovation or new proposition development.

Leveraging foresight

Our bespoke research programmes are enhanced by our library of future-focused insights. Whilst foresight is not prescriptive or predictive, it does provide informed guidance on potential future pathways.

We are in the unique position of being able to leverage the outputs of our global open foresight programmes to drive our research design and outputs towards intelligent, future-cogniscant, strategy development.

Living with uncertainty is the new normal, but leveraging the informed wisdom of open foresight, and backing it with uniquely appropriate research, can give organisations more confidence in the bets they are placing on the future.

Case Studies

Award-winning research and concept development to reinvent the guest experience and double the margin per stay.

Researching the future of surgery globally to identify major emerging innovation options for an industry leader.

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