Who We Are

Welcome to the Future Agenda website where we share insights on the next decade and examples of impactful innovation and change.

Future Agenda is an open source think tank and advisory firm. It runs a leading open foresight programme, helping organisations to identify emerging opportunities, and make more informed decisions. Future Agenda also supports leading organisations on strategy, growth and innovation. Founded in 2010, Future Agenda has pioneered an open foresight approach bringing together senior leaders across business, academia, NFP and government to challenge assumptions about the next ten years, share an informed view and build robust growth strategies focused on major emerging opportunities. We connect the informed and the influential and help to drive lasting impact.

Run by a focused core team, Future Agenda has an excellent international network and a very strong reputation for independent accurate foresight. We created and lead the ‘open foresight’ space which is based on the idea of organisations around the world collectively sharing, challenging and building informed views of the next ten years. Future Agenda is seen by many governments, companies and NGOs as the preferred partner for curating programmes that explore key emerging issues with informed people globally so we can all better see the next ten years and make better decisions. We then help many organisations grow in the right way.

Published under Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike, all the insights shared on this website are used and debated by individuals and organizations around the world as people explore the potential implications and opportunities in their sector or market.

Lastly, the opinions expressed on this website are not necessarily ours, nor of our hosts and partners. They are those of independent experts whose views we respect even if we don’t always agree with them. We thank them for their wholehearted support. They have important things to say that should be of interest to anyone concerned with creating a sustainable future for us all.