Delivering Value Through Data

Generated on 6th December 2019

Throughout 2018, Future Agenda canvassed the views of over 900 experts from multiple backgrounds with a range of different perspectives in order to discuss their views about the future value of data. Supported by a number of organisations, we held 30 workshops across 24 countries to review the data landscape across the globe, as it is now, and how it may evolve over the next five to ten years.

This website and the associated "Delivering Value Through Data" report provides an overview of these discussions and aims to deliver a comprehensive picture of the sheer variety of issues and views thrown up by a fast-evolving 'data economy'. We hope it will help businesses and governments to develop policies, strategies, and innovations that realise the full potential of data (personal, social, economic, commercial), while addressing potential harms, both locally and globally.

We would very much like to thank the experts who shared their insights and the leading organisations that collaborated to support this project.

This report shares the findings from the Delivering Value Through Data research project. It highlights several important emerging issues that are the source of major differences of opinion around the world. These range from the issue of data sovereignty and localisation, how best to manage consent, challenges around ethics and trust and, given these, how best to address the need for greater public understanding and digital literacy. Some of the challenges and opportunities are technical in nature, but many are concerned with different ethical, philosophical and cultural approaches to data and how its value can be delivered.

You can view the full report clicking the links above and view on slideshare here

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