Future of Autonomous Vehicles - Interim Report

Generated on 3rd October 2019

There are great expectations around the future of autonomous vehicles (AVs) and equally much uncertainty. Some believe that AVs will transform safety and efficiency and are making significant investments in this area. Others are concerned that the technological developments are outpacing society’s ability to adapt, and there is an urgent requirement to develop better regulation before there is widespread deployment. A global Open Foresight project exploring the key issues for the future of AVs is being undertaken by Future Agenda. Expert workshops around the world are building the informed view.

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This interim report shares the findings from the first five expert discussions in Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Singapore, Wellington and Melbourne. It highlights the emerging issues that are the source of major debate around the world. These include the impact of regulation; the ambition for less congestion; rethinking transport planning; the first/last mile challenge; the opportunities for automated freight and the need for more and better data sharing.

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This project was kicked-off with a global review of the emerging landscape for autonomous vehicles. As well looking at the historical context for self-driving cars and trucks, this initial perspective explores the benefits of AVs; different issues for the movement of people vs. goods; the three primary drivers of adoption and the primary centres for innovation. It also includes commentary on the parallel developments in seaborne and air-based autonomous vehicles. It ends with some of the key questions to be explored by the project.




This is an accompanying presentation being used for public conferences and briefings within organisations. It provides a summary of the research and highlights some key insights. It is available to download both as a PDF and also to view on SlideShare.

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Key locations

Future of Autonomous Vehicles – Interim Report image

Road Deaths per 100,000 Citizens (WHO, 2018)



Phase 1

Australia                      5.6

Germany                     4.1

New Zealand               7.8

Singapore                    3.6

USA                              12.4

Phase 2

Canada                        5.8

China                           18.2

India                            22.6

Israel                           4.2

Japan                           4.1

S Korea                        9.8

Sweden                        2.8

UAE                             18.1

UK                                3.1



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