Future of Education

Generated on 19th October 2018

The broadening world of education is undergoing several major shifts.

Driven in part by technology innovation and new business models, the learning process is being reinvented and there is a transformation of education economics and outcomes. Alongside this, there are government imperatives to improve access and address the growing requirement for flexible knowledge workers with transferable skills who can adapt to the changing job market.  An ageing workforce also means that there is an increasing need for lifelong learning and re-skilling. In addition there is an increasing demand for a more personalised, immersive and mobile learning experience. All this is challenging the traditional expectations around higher education and the role that universities should play. While countries such as Finland and Singapore are consistently seen as leaders in the field, other nations are trying hard to catch up.

Ahead of a series of global expert events during 2019, this is an overview of the Future of Education project. It provides some background on Future Agenda and preceding multi-nation programmes, highlights some of the questions being raised and outlines options for organisations around the world to get involved. Different governments, technology companies, universities and education service providers are collaborating to support this programme that will develop a clear, shared and detailed view of how the future of education may unfold. If you would like to join in and host one of these events in your region, do let us know and we can integrate that into the planning.