Hospitals of the Future

Generated on 30th September 2020

Hospitals of the Future

In partnership with, global engineering consultancy, Mott MacDonald, we are exploring how hospital design will change in the next decade. Building on insights gained from multiple healthcare expert workshops around the world, this PDF is an initial perspective that share some key thoughts on how and where we may see most change. Starting with context on shifts in healthcare more generally, from slide 28 onwards it includes 22 proposals for future design focus. These range from hub and spoke ecosystems and post-Covid reconfiguration to more flexible spaces and the impact of digital theatres.

As part of a global Open Foresight programme, we are now sharing these views to gain feedback for inclusion in a more detailed point of view that will be published later in the year. If you would like to add in your opinions on which issues will be driving most change in hospitals of the future, we would welcome input.

Many thanks in advance for your collaboration on another key topic for future change.

The associated foresight as part of the World in 2030 project can be found here