World's Most Innovative Cities in 2050

Generated on 19th October 2020

Cities are where innovation happens, where most ideas form and economic growth largely stems. For centuries, the world’s most innovative cities have been acting as global catalysts for change, and will continue to do so. As more cities seek to have impact over the next decades, we need to better understand what drives success and so identify those that may have greatest lasting impact.

Which will be the world’s most innovative cities in 2050? We are please to share an updated view from our global research of the world’s most innovative cites. This presentation and accompanying article share some of the salient insights: It profiles some of most innovative cities of the past, identifying the key elements that contributed to their success, highlights some of the pivotal cities having greatest impact today, and, lastly, suggests ten cities for future global innovation leadership considered to be setting the pace for the next decades.

Also very pleased to be sharing this at the WRLDCTY event and wider over the next few months. Feedback, comments and challenge very welcome.