Future of the Company

Saturday 1st December 2018

An updated perspective on the future of the company

Future of the Company

This point of view builds on prior global dialogue on the social value of the organisation, the future of the company and work plus recent debate on the value of data and British Academy research on the future of the corporation.

It looks at the future of the company through three lenses:

  • Corporate Purpose
  • The Digital Company
  • Organisation 3.0

This is being shared in a  speech / workshop in Kuala Lumpur and used to kick off further discussions that will take place during 2019 on the future of work, the future of the organisation and the future of the company.

For more information:

Future Agenda

Future of the Company (2015)

Future of Work (2018)

Integrated Reporting

Future of the Corporation (British Academy) 

Purpose of the Corporation (Frank Bold)    

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