Future Value of Data - Insights at Halfway

Wednesday 25th July 2018

After 16 expert discussions over the past 6 months we are sharing the interim summary of the top insights from each location including many across Africa and Asia

Future Value of Data - Insights at Halfway

The Future Value of Data project has engaged a wide range of organisations around the world keen to discuss how this important issue may unfold. Sixteen events have now taken place in key locations across Africa and Asia as well as in Madrid and Sydney. Each event brought together between 25 and 30 experts from across and around the data arena to debate what are the most significant developments and where and why impact will be greatest. Researchers, business leaders, governmnet, students, big tech and start ups have all kindly contributed their time and thoughts to this programme and multiple organisations have hosted and supported these events. 

Ahead of the second phase of events across Europe, the Americas plus several more in Asia, this Insight Map highlights the top 3 challenges, top 3 opportunities and top 3 emerging issues from each discussion. A more detailed interim report is also being shared with all participants.

Forthcoming confimed events include Copenhagen (29th August), Frankfurt (6th September), London (13th September), Hong Kong (20th September) and Manila (24th September). Others are being finalised for  Brussels, San Francisco, DC, New York, Mexico City, Toronoto plus a number of others as highlighted on the insight summary map. All dicussions will be completed by the end of October and a detailed global report and implications document released at the end of the year.

If you would like to be involved in any of these events as participants or would like to co-host additonal events do let us know.

If you would like to follow the dicussions and be involved in other projects we have underway, please join the dedicated Linked-In Group.

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