Partnership between Alpha Catalyst and Future Agenda builds Foresight Driven Innovation

Generated on 26th May 2022

Alpha Catalyst and Future Agenda are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership to help organisations develop a clearer view of the future, identify key areas of likely change, and accelerate foresight driven innovation. Bringing over 20 years of insights together this collaboration is set to uncover innovation opportunities across SE Asia with a particular focus on the future of education, work and health.

Identifying emerging issues is vital to long-term sustainability but it presents huge challenges as rapid technological advances, shifting political movements and rising economic powerhouses are driving change at an extraordinary pace. To address this, Alpha Catalyst and Future Agenda have each been sharing insight, challenging assumptions, and using Open Foresight to identify opportunities and make more informed decisions for over two decades. The new partnership allows more organisations, particularly those in emerging economies, to access deeper, richer global insights and develop more robust, future-proof growth strategies. 

Dr Tim Jones, Co-Founder and Programme Director of Future Agenda said, “We are delighted to formally announce our partnership with Alpha Catalyst. Our joined focus will provide a platform that provides all who access it with higher levels of innovation potential. This is important because many of the breakthroughs that we need in the future are likely to emerge at the intersections between different sectors and disciplines. We are looking forward to deepening our SE Asian focus and building on the years of Open Foresight collaboration to highlight regional issues and reveal new global opportunities.”

Dr. Suraya Sulaiman, Innovation Provocateur and Co-Founder of Alpha Catalyst added, “In times of increased global uncertainty, shifts in business model innovation and accelerating technological change, gaining foresight led innovation is key. The ability to curate expert networks has proven to be a defining capability for business.  By marrying Future Agenda insights with the Alpha Catalyst digital innovation and transformation management platform, UVOIS, our partnership will help develop new opportunities and collaborations and open the door to deeper collaborations and richer insights. We are excited to be able to share our trendspotting expertise. 

Professor John Bessant, Emeritus Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Exeter University commented, “Innovation has never been more essential – but it needs guiding with good roadmaps of the future. Open Foresight represents a proven and really effective methodology for working with foresight-driven innovation.  It’s great to see Future Agenda insights being made more widely available in some of the most exciting and innovative markets in the world. The digital expertise that Alpha Catalyst brings will further extend the reach to a wider audience.”