Lasting Shifts in a Post Covid-19 Society

Generated on 27th March 2020

As organisations variously react to a global pandemic that had been widely anticipated by experts, questions are now being raised around which of the many changes to the fabric of our society might outlast the pandemic? Which existing global trends will be accelerated or slow down? What new trends might emerge? We have been asked to share some views.

As part of the World in 2030 global open foresight programme, we offer this initial suggestion of twelve future shifts that could influence, or be impacted by, the significant shifts in societies and economies responding to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It covers a wide range of topics from international leadership, trade and healthcare to urban living, travel and privacy. Some have been in the mix for a while and are being elevated. Others are new responses to global change.

We very much welcome your comments, edits and additions to build a comprehensive, informed and international perspective that can then be shared and used to help organisations consider the implications and prepare potential actions.

Please do share, comment or contact us directly.