The Future of Digital Education

Generated on 10th April 2019

The increasing integration of technology and online communication into everyday life is challenging what and how we learn. Some argue that the future of education technology is all about access, anywhere learning and collaboration. Others point to the need to equip students with better analytical skills and make coding a core part of the curriculum. Whatever your view it is clear that education systems must adapt to the new normal. But how? What will be the next generation classroom? What will be the skills requirements for future workers and the role of teachers in guiding the learning experience? Which organisations are currently leading the way and how should others adapt to the changes?

These are just some of the questions that the Future of Digital Education initiative will address.

Our first expert workshop will be held on 28 April in Dubai in association with EY Parthenon and Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority.  The event will bring together experts from across technology, academia, policy and the corporate sector and will build on an initial view to identify and map the key issues that will then be explored further in other locations globally.

If you would like to be involved in the discussions taking place in this important and fast-evolving area, please let us know.