The Future of Work and Skills Development

Generated on 14th September 2020

Over the last few months we have been working closely with the University of Bristol, School of Management to develop an initial perspective on the Future of Work and Skills Development. It marks the beginning of a programme, supported by Amazon, in which we will explore shifts such as technological progress, globalisation, an increasingly ageing population not to mention how climate change and biodiversity loss are revolutionising how and where we work.

The pandemic has added an extraordinary level of uncertainty for many of these issues, so much so that it is difficult for business leaders or policy makers, let alone workers themselves, to plan effectively for the future. Multiple questions arise. Globally many are already experiencing a movement away from manufacturing towards services but what will be the long-term effect of AI and intelligent machines? How will more global warming impact our increasingly interconnectedeconomies? What skills will be needed to survive and prosper? How can we ensure a transition agenda that is equitable and works for all? How can we safeguard our lives and livelihoods against future pandemics? Indeed, what are the key challenges for the future of work?

Thank you to all who helped develop this viewpoint. We look forward to more conversations over the next few months and, with your support, identifying areas in which we can drive positive change.