The World in 2030

Generated on 30th December 2019

Although many eyes are set on possible developments for the next year, the Future Agenda team continue to explore key shifts for the next decade. As we share insights from multiple expert discussions around the world, 2020 sees our next major global programme.

As highlighted previously, the ground-breaking 2010 view of the World in 2020 which was generated from 50 workshops has proven to be very accurate in anticipating future change. Rising obesity, mass medical tourism, access not ownership, mobile payments, cocktail identities, the growth in Asian aviation, self-driving cars, drone wars, low cost solar energy, more powerful cities and growing concerns over trust and privacy were just some of the future issues detailed in 2010.

5 years on, the World in 2025 programme explored 25 topics in 120 workshops hosted by 50 different organisations across 45 locations globally. Engaging the views of over 5000 informed people, the resulting foresights have again proven to be very reliable. Accelerating displacement of people, declining air quality, the growing impact of Africa, questioning of the capitalist model, the changing nature of privacy, increasing value of data, digital currencies, the rise of companies with purpose, working longer, nature’s capital, a focus on energy storage, ethics in data use, more flooded cities, optimisation of the last-mile and the impact of plastics in our oceans are some of the foresights that have already grown in prominence.

Extending the dialogue, over the next year, the World in 2030 will engage with leading expertise around the world to discuss and share the pivotal developments that lie ahead. Building on recent focused projects exploring themes such as the future of healthcare, autonomous vehicles, the value of data and digital identity, new discussions will take place across all continents on topics including; the future of education; the workforce; land use; key resources; urban spaces; the company; travel; transport and trust – as well as shifts in power and influence. The corresponding foresights will be shared throughout the year through the Future Agenda website and other platforms and made available for all to continue to use to challenge assumptions, identify new opportunities and make more informed decisions for the future.

2020 looks set to busy year with significant change for many. Before we start to explore the next decade, we wish you a happy and fruitful New Year.