The World in 2025

Friday 8th April 2016

The World in 2025

What are the big issues for next decade? The World in 2025 is the full synthesis of insights from the second Future Agenda programme undertaken in 2016. From 120 discussions with thousands of informed people in 45 cities across 35 countries, we gained over 800 insights on the next decade. From these we identified and detailed over 60 key areas of change - those are all shared feely on the future agenda website. 

A new pdf on slideshare brings all of these insights together in a single pdf for you to use. It is a free book shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial 3.0 licence. We hope that you find it a useful view of how people around the world see change occurring over the next decade.

To access the World in 2025 for free -

PLEASE NOTE: This book is also available at cost for local digital printing via Amazon and Create Space

Recent News

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Mon 3rd Dec 2018

Network Rail asked Dr. Robin Pharoah at Future Agenda to look at railway suicide and prevention using a novel, anthropological approach

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Sat 1st Dec 2018

An updated perspective on the future of the company

Value of Data - Global Insights

Mon 19th Nov 2018

Value of Data - Top Views from 30 Expert Discussions Around the World

Future of Work

Thu 25th Oct 2018

A new infographic on the future of work highlighting some of the key shifts underway as well as the macro drivers of change for future skills, employment, organisation and policy

Future of Education

Fri 19th Oct 2018

The learning process is being reinvented and there is a transformation of education economics and outcomes

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