Working with organisations to develop and align clear strategic purpose is an integral part of many Future Agenda projects. Usually focused on driving sustainable growth and lasting impact we help CEOs and their teams define future direction underpinned with broader stakeholder engagement.

Intertwined with new strategy development we pay particular attention to seeding culture change and evolution of organisational capabilities. In using multiple immersive techniques with unique stimulus and catalysts for change we help to refocus the organisations underlying strategic assumptions and beliefs to engage and empower employees and to excite wider stakeholders.

 Strategy Development

Case Studies

Award-winning research and concept development to reinvent the guest experience and double the margin per stay.

Foresight on the future of a socially valuable organisation to inform purpose and strategic direction

Game-changing product and service innovation to deliver a 10 second oil change.

Researching the future of surgery globally to identify major emerging innovation options for an industry leader.

A new strategy for a new era, growing impact to benefit UK consumers.

A new strategy to restore biodiversity and return to impact growth, by addressing the causes rather than the symptoms of…

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